Simple and supported backup options.

Back up the data on your dedicated server using iWeb Cloud Backup, or deploy a private Dedicated Backup Server in our Canadian data centers to house backups of all your data, wherever it’s hosted.
R1Soft Backup Manager
Market-leading software with
Continuous Data Protection®.
Setup and Support
From backup configuration to full
disaster recovery solutions.
Cloud or Dedicated
Both options are securely
hosted in iWeb data centers.

Back up your mission critical data.

Backup is a crucial part of any hosting solution.

From disaster recovery planning to data management and even server migration, server backup plays many business critical roles.

Every mission critical website, application or database should be backed up.

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R1Soft Backup Manager
  • Backup for Windows, Linux and virtual servers
  • Continuous Data Protection® Technology
  • Quick Bare-Metal Restore
  • Powerful file exclusion
  • Data encryption and redundant copies
  • Automated backups with low I/O requirement
  • Easy MySQL and Microsoft databases restore
  • Complete backup for Microsoft Exchange Server

Continuous Data Protection

iWeb’s Hosted Server Backup solutions feature Continuous Data Protection® by R1Soft, a low-overhead backup software that enables data recovery back to any point in time.

Continuous Data Protection is a registered trademark of R1Soft.

Choose the option that applies to your situation.

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Order a Dedicated Backup
Server to house backups of your
data, wherever it’s hosted.

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Every day, more than 800 iWeb customers restore backed up data, saving time, development, information and orders they would otherwise have lost.

Start a live chat to talk with a hosting infrastructure expert today about your own data priorities and the backup options that can keep your data safe, and safeguard the future of your enterprise. All our advice is straightforward and free.

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