Supported network and application security.

Choose from a range of firewall services for end-to-end network security. Order a server today, or speak to us about a managed service.

New Generation

Cisco X Series firewalls with next generation network security.

Guaranteed Hardware

All hardware is guaranteed for life, and replaced within 4 hours.

Managed Options

Interested in a firewall but not sure where to start? Let us help.

Option 1

Managed Firewall Service

A comprehensive and hassle-free way to secure your servers against malicious traffic. An iWeb expert will help you choose the right firewall, and then configure, deploy and manage your firewall according to your requirements.
  • Acts as a filter between your server and the Internet
  • Blocks malicious attempts to access your server
  • Allows only legitimate traffic

An iWeb security expert will be on hand throughout the process to help you choose a firewall, then to configure, deploy and manage the service.

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Option 2

Self Service Firewall

If you’re comfortable choosing, configuring and managing your firewall, choose from our range of next generation Juniper or Cisco firewalls and chat with an iWeb expert to deploy your firewall and servers, which are all guaranteed by our four-hour hardware replacement service level agreement.


CiscoASA 5505$149Chat to buy
JuniperSRX240-H2$220 Chat to buy
CiscoASA 5512-X$270 Chat to buy
CiscoASA 5515-X$400 Chat to buy
CiscoASA 5525-XChat to buy


JuniperJuniper VPN 10 Clients for SRX240-H2SRX240-H2Chat to buy
Juniper1 year IDP updates for SRX240-H2SRX240-H2Chat to buy
Juniper1 year subscription renewal for application security
and IPS updates for SRX240-H2
SRX240-H2Chat to buy
CiscoSecurity Plus License for ASA 5505ASA 5505Chat to buy
CiscoSecurity Plus License for ASA 5512-XASA 5512-XChat to buy
CiscoCisco 5515 IPS SSP License (No modules required)ASA 5515-XChat to buy
CiscoCisco 5525 IPS SSP License (No modules required)ASA 5525-XChat to buy

Option 3

Web Application Firewall

To secure single websites, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) may be the most cost-effective solution. A simple way to render your website PCI compliant, a WAF has the same features as a hardware firewall, but is easily deployed at the DNS level.

Your Web Application Firewall comes with a range of additional website security services for only US$59 per website a month. For advice choosing a firewall or website security package, chat live with an expert.

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Website Security & CDN

Business Package: US$59.00/site/month
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Bot Protection
  • Access Control
  • Login Protect
  • BackDoor Detection
  • SSL Support
  • CDN & Optimizer
  • Website Analytics
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Firewall Security Features

Our firewall options cover all the bases of effective frontline security for websites, applications and private clouds. Contact us or chat live with an expert to find out which solution meets your needs.

  • Granular control of applications with behaviour based controls
  • Improved security and availability for high resiliency apps
  • Protection from SQL injection, X-site scripting & file inclusion
  • Highly effective intrusion protection systems (IPS)
  • Enterprise-class security for private clouds
  • Deployment, management and on-demand support options
  • Protection from all top 10 security threats
  • Protection from botnets.

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