Available when you need us
iWeb Customer Support is always available. Contact us by email, live chat, toll-free telephone or the iWeb Control Center. Customer Support is available to resolve technical or administrative issues 24/7, 365 days a year.

With rapid and intelligent assignment of your ticket, and team members especially reserved to deal with urgent problems at all times, your call or ticket will be quickly assigned to the person best placed to respond to your needs, and quickly resolved.

Proactive approach
When you buy a new server, the first time you’ll speak to iWeb Customer Support will be when we contact you to make sure everything’s running perfectly, and to see if there’s any way we can offer our expertise to help fine tune, configure or monitor your servers.

With our proactive monitoring and priority support services, you would know of any problem with your servers when we contact you to tell you we’ve already fixed the problem.

Efficient and friendly

The mechanics and automation of our processes ensure that your ticket arrives as quickly and efficiently as possible with a Customer Support team member who’s experienced and trained with the skills required to resolve your issue quickly and without further incident.

Once your ticket has been assigned, we’ll listen to you and take care of you as an individual. We’ll take responsibility for your situation and do everything we can to resolve it in the fastest, efficient, most committed way possible, going beyond the call of duty to help you however we can.

We’re here to help.