iWeb Cloud Servers and the extra functionality of dedicated servers with the Smart Layer® is available via the iWeb Control Center a simple interface with quick and easy commands and access to the OS start screen.

Control Center functionality includes :

  • Manage servers with Smart Layer® in one place
  • Create and manage a LAN (SuperSmart™)
  • See current hardware, IP addresses and OS
  • Power management
  • Reboot the Smart Layer® or physical server
  • SSH/Terminal access, details and tools
  • Launch cloud services in the iWeb Cloud
  • Console action menu
  • Console access (Guacamole for virtual KVM/IP)
  • Request migration
  • Server status
  • Public internet and LAN status
  • IP address details and add new IP address
  • Activate/Deactivate SuperSmart™
  • Activate/Deactivate LAN or WAN
  • Backup management
  • OS re-install
  • Firewall management (SuperSmart™ required)
  • Billing and support ticketing
  • Access the knowledge base

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